Job Search Portal

Job Search Portal

Buy a responsive job search portal built without programming. Web app features: Responsive design, Payment system, Stripe integration to charge for submitting a job, Change the billing price, Change the categories, Account pages, Profile settings page.

Price for ready-made app:



in 7 business days

Type of app:

Built on:



Free options:

App analytics setup, .com domain name registration + SSL certificate, Domain setup, Interface text change, Stripe integration and setup

Paid options:

Landing page and Google Analytics setup (+$450), Background and button colors customization, and interface images change (+$375)

How to buy this app?

1. Click the "Buy" button, and write your contacts.

2. We will send you an invoice for app development prepayment (5%). In the respond letter please write the free and paid options you need.

3. In the set time period we will develop the app, and will show it to you for final checks. After that we will send you an invoice for the rest part, and will transfer a ready-made app to your account at the no-code platform.