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There are 275+ no-code tools to build your app without programming

NoCodeSetup finds most suitable ones for your case

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No-code tools – what is it?

- Drag-and-drop builders for websites and web apps (directories, marketplaces, dashboards, communication apps, communities, platforms, CRM, etc.)

- Drag-and-drop builders for mobile apps (iOS, Android)

- No-code integration services

NoCodeSetup gathers together a set of no-code tools relevant to your app idea + video guides so you could quickly start building it without programming.


What you get?

You get a set of no-code tools suited for your app idea

Personalized search

Robust tools only

NoCodeSetup filters out

mvps and half-broken tools

Total costs estimated

NoCodeSetup shows all

costs of tools to start

Know the pros and cons of each tool right from the start

Tools easy to choose

Actively used

No sense to start using a tool that will end up soon

Totally free

NoCodeSetup is free to use

Click "Find tools for my app" and answer 4 questions.

Based on that, NoCodeSetup will find the right set of no-code tools for your app. And will send it to you immediately.

Find tools for my app

🔥 627 people have already found no-code tools for their projects.


How can I be sure that my app idea is in safe?

You don't need to describe your idea. Instead, you just need to pick several options that are relevant to your app. Click the "Find tools for my app" button to see how it works.

Why not to use directories to find the right no-code tools?

Browsing the directories is boring. Also you have to spend time to check each tool so that you won’t get stuck with unexpected problem after a few weeks of learning how to use it.

Why is NoCodeSetup free to use? How do you pay for your servers, etc?

Currently we are building a marketplace of no-code related products. We hope that you'll find it as valuable as our no-code tools advisor service.

What kind of apps I can build with no-code tools that NoCodeSetup will find for me?

Landing pages, websites, dashboards, directories, online shops, web apps, mobile apps, membership communities, educational courses, marketplaces, platforms, CRM, ERP, portals, social networks, etc.

I’m not tech-savvy/I'm tech-savvy. Can NoCodeSetup find tools for me?

Yes. NoCodeSetup takes into account the skills that your team is good at to filter the right tools for your case.

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I had an idea of an app for studying Spanish grammar. With NoCodeSetup I've found nice tools to build it without any programming.


Andrew, no code tools user.jpg


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In my company we always have lack of programmers. So we have to wait for weeks if we need to develop a new button. No code builders give our product team the freedom to build and test our ideas the way we want.

Alex, no code tools user.jpeg


As a developer, I often make MVPs for my clients. With nocode tools I can do all the stuff in weeks, not in months as it used to be.

Find tools for my app
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